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Corporate social responsibility


Environment & Climate

Our commitment to sustainability helps us reduce waste and permeates the way we do business, guiding us to innovate and be creative in all our operations, from transportation to warehousing operations, from solution design to procurement policy.

Our company has a strong environmental focus developing innovative solutions to reduce its operational impacts on the environment and invests significant time and resources into reducing the impact of our daily operations.

Green Initiatives

Vehicles Fleet
As a transportation company we accept added responsibility to take measures that will reduce our environmental impact.

  • 78% of our fleet meets the EURO 5 and Euro6 standards.
  • we decrease the number of “empty” km (distance traveled by a vehicle without carrying any load) by using SAT-NAV devises in all our vehicles.
  • we improve the driving skills of our drivers and as a result we decrease fuel consumption
  • we use for long distances large-capacity vehicles to decrease ecological load
  • we efficiently manage the vehicle service so that the impact on the environment is under control and as small as possible

Other actions

  • we have reduced electricity consumption by using LED lighting for our warehouses space
  • we consistently sort waste for recycling
  • Our Company Management is aware of its responsibility for the protection of the environment when running business activities. Therefore, the Company has accepted the following environmental policy principles:
    • To observe legal and other requirements for the protection of the environment and provision of safe working environment
    • To maintain, develop and continuously improve the environmental management system introduced in compliance with EN ISO 14001/2015
    • To decide upon investment plans and their implementation with regard to the environment
    • To manage and guide employees to behave responsibly in relation to the environment and to achieve their full understanding, support and promotion of the Company’s environmental policy
    • To create terms and conditions for environmental behaviour of our employees
    • To manage the goods storage in the most efficient way
    • To carry out the duly planned preventive maintenance and to minimize the negative environmental impacts related to the operation of vehicles, machinery and equipment
    • To define environmental objectives to fulfil this policy on annual basis
    • To demand compliance with this environmental policy from contractual partners
    • Motivation of employees to save resources – fuel, water, electric energy, paper print

Community Engagement

Our Company is committed to the following charitable giving policy objectives:

  • Maintaining or increasing the amount that we dedicate to not-for-profit organizations each year as a function of overall profitability.
  • Investing in organizations and programs that help enhance the well-being of local community.
  • Investing in organizations and programs that help enhance the well-being of local community.

We’ve also provided free or discounted transport services to,

  • Specific not-for-profit agencies
  • Clients who are looking to donate any kind of products to their local communities

Supporting young talented athletes and sponsoring sports events

Our company continues to expand its volunteer activities for getting closer to local communities through the support of young talented players and the sponsoring of sports events.

We support young talented athletes to achieve their sporting ambitions. The funding will help these young athletes to fulfil their potential by helping them with essential training costs, travel and competition expenses.

Our company is the official sponsor of two talented cyclists, Christos Volikakis and Zafeiris Volikakis who are both World Champions in Track Cycling.


Our Corporate Social Responsibility extends to our partners and suppliers. Our sustainable procurement policy objectives include:

  • Selecting only partners/suppliers that comply with all applicable governmental environmental regulations.
  • Favoring suppliers that strive to reduce their environmental footprint.