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Value – added services


PETRAKIS Transport & Logistics can provide highly-integrated Value-Added Services in order to ensure that its clients operate with more efficiency and productivity at each point of their supply chain processes and to add real value to their brands. We have an extensive experience incorporating processes that improve supply chain efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Our Value-Added Services range from simple to complex and can be customized on our clients’ requests. We can create added value in the following areas:


PETRAKIS Transport & Logistics provides an expedited and affordable solution with its Cash on Delivery (COD) service which gives you full assurance as payments are conducted in cash on exchange for ordered goods, so there is no any default risk.

You can gain access to a highly developed full-capacity national distribution network as our COD service is available throughout Greece. Our drivers and/or transport partners will collect the amount shown on the COD document at the time of delivery. In case, we cannot collect the payment after three attempts, the package will be returned to the shipper.

The payment to the sender will be made within five (5) working days via bank transfer to a nominated bank account.

The maximum amount for COD shipments is EUR 2,000 and a fixed supplement on the amount collected is charged.


Returns processing includes various logistical and administrative steps associated with handling products that have been returned by Clients and often a difficult area for vendors to integrate. A professionally managed return programme allows you to recapture value or reduce write-off costs, while providing a quality service to your client.

PETRAKIS Transport & Logistics is specializing in the design and operation of tailored end-to-end solutions for all aspects of Product Take-Back and Returns Management. Our solution streamlines the return of products and decrease asset recovery time, ensuring unsurpassed customer service and reduced costs.

From our Elefsina based headquarters, our team will support your reverse logistics program throughout Greece, tracking every detail of your project and providing frequent updates.


Properly managing the inbound and outbound flow of Returnable Shipping Assets takes a delicate balance. To efficiently get your Returnable Shipping Assets back to where they’re needed, you need robust processes and a supply chain that operates exactly as designed.

PETRAKIS Transport & Logistics provides a comprehensive service, which covers all types of Returnable Shipping Assets such crates, cages as well as load carriers such as pallets and shipping containers that are used to help package and transport your goods safely.

Our team will streamline your Returnable Shipping Assets process and help you increase the overall efficiency of your supply chain.

4. CUSTOMS CLEARANCE – Import and Export Management

PETRAKIS Transport & Logistics has a successful long-term experience in the customs business providing transparent and reliable Customs Clearance Services since 1992. Our professional experts ensure the efficient and hassle-free customs clearance services for all types of products and in full compliance with government regulatory requirements. Our staff manages and controls all the process from the very beginning until the shipment is cleared and delivered to its final destination.

Our Customs Clearance include:

  • EU compliance
  • Tariff classification
  • VAT regulation
  • Fiscal representation
  • Duty/Tax recovery
  • Specific product requirements