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Business fleet management


Our Business Fleet Management tool allows us to reduce and control running costs, remove risks and increase productivity. The Fleet Management processes include tasks such as driver management, vehicle financing or leasing, maintenance and fuel management.

This specific management software acts as an information system to gather, store, process, monitor and report on critical information. It is also capable of managing tasks and events such as scheduling services and insurance renewal notifications.

The cutting-edge GPS system integrating into a service innovative and pioneering fleet management and security features:

  • Managing driver records e.g. driving licence number, points accrued, insurance, named drivers etc.
  • Tracking and creating car maintenance schedules and reminders e.g. servicing, MOT, vehicle tax renewals
  • Monitoring fuel usage e.g. mileage claims, fuel allowance and costs
  • Manage car details e.g. make, model, year, mileage, colour, registration
  • Track vehicle values and lease costs
  • Store and manage vehicle inspection forms
  • Monitoring Drivers’ behaviour
  • Schedule safety checks and record accidents, car damage and breakdown recovery details.