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Route optimization


We use a state-of-the-art transportation planning technology to maximize service and minimize Cost. With WorkForce Manager™ our Route Planning Team evaluates all the possible transportation modes, routes, and consolidation opportunities to produce the best overall plan every day – with the speed and flexibility to stay in tune with fast-changing customer requirements such as, multi-stop routes that include pickups and deliveries interleaved throughout route to minimize costs.

As a result, we can deliver powerful, comprehensive and practical transportation solutions that reducing cost and enhancing Customer Service:

  • Enhancing fleet capacity utilization
  • Minimizing distance traveled, stop duration, and fuel usage
  • Facilitating the ability to meet contractual performance goals
  • Improving on-time performance rates
  • Decreasing expediting costs and overtime charges
  • Offering more accurate arrival and departure times
  • Operate fast, flexibly and in an environmentally friendly way