Georgiou Kouvidi 31, Elefsina, P.C. 192 00

Why to choose us


We have established ourselves as a trusted Road Transport and Logistics business servicing all geographical regions in Greece.

PETRAKIS Transport & Logistics’ value proposition is based on the promise of helping our Clients better manage mission-critical aspects of their supply chains. Clients rely on our proven services to transport products at maximum efficiency and lowest cost. When Clients choose our company, they have the confidence of knowing they are working with a trustworthy partner with a proven competency in Transport and Logistics that will neutrally manage logistics on their behalf:

Proven Industry Expertise

PETRAKIS Transport & Logistics’ experienced management team and dedicated staff knows how to get it there at maximum efficiency. Collectively, our team has decades of logistics and supply chain management expertise, giving you the peace of mind that comes from working with a partner you can truly trust.

Collaborative Customer Relationships

For PETRAKIS Transport & Logistics, meeting and exceeding the expectations of our Clients is the measuring stick of our success. It begins by developing collaborative relationships with our Clients, listening and understanding the changing requirements of their supply chains, and continually delivering transportation solutions that drive positive bottom-line results.

Optimized Network

PETRAKIS Transport & Logistics works with you to strategize and identify the best ways to optimize our network to lower your incremental transportation costs and provide better service. By matching inbound and outbound customer freight flows, we deliver the power of overlapping networks, reducing empty kilometres, which helps us avoid rate spikes for freight.

Flexible Solutions

PETRAKIS Transport & Logistics places great value on offering flexible solutions and providing Transport & Logistics requirements from A to Z.

We approach every customer and account individually. We will recommend the best and most effective solution for the situation given, whether it’s transportation or other logistic services. Flexibility for our company means:

  • Short response times
  • Sector-specific solutions
  • In-depth knowledge of industries and geographical regions
  • Individual product/service combinations


Top quality in dispatch means that Clients can rely on their service provider. Reliability is therefore one of the most important values for PETRAKIS Transport & Logistics and employees support this actively each and every day.

Our entire system is geared towards reliable dispatch, including the site and network structures, the information technology, and the process monitoring and control.

Economic Growth & Financial Strength

PETRAKIS Transport & Logistics has been committed to steady organic growth and financial strength for more than three decades. We focus on long-term investments in people, continuous cost control monitoring, performance and processes, to ensure that we always are a reliable modern transport and logistics partner. We are a financially healthy company with sufficient working capital to support your Transport & Logistics requirements without any constrain.

Our degree of knowledge will ensure that the Clients’ needs are catered for at all times and ensure that our client relationships will continue to grow in the future. We’re here 365/24/7, keeping our Clients agile for 40 years.