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Road freight


Road freight forms the backbone of commercial transport throughout Greece. Transportation of cargo by road requires a high degree of coordination on the part of the freight forward.

To leverage the benefits of road transport, you need a dependable and high-performance freight forwarder with the experience and talent to make sure your cargo gets to where it needs to be, on time, every time.

For many years, PETRAKIS Transport & Logistics has been providing time-critical and tailored transport solutions for any requirement.

Our services cover both collection and delivery of clients’ goods (packages, pallets, full loads, ADR shipments) throughout the country providing, reliable and high-speed transportation of time-sensitive goods.

We develop specific routes and combine complexity, efficiency and economic aspects to best serve our clients. In close communication with them, we make on-time deliveries anywhere with complete and precise traceability.

We provide high-quality services in Attica and all other Greek Regions, optimizing our fleet availability according to market needs.

PETRAKIS Transport & Logistics operates an extensive nightly Line-Haul Trucking network from Athens to North Greece and from North Greece to Athens using our consolidation and distribution centres in Elefsina (Athens), Kalochori (Thessaloniki) and Kavala. We provide a specialised fleet of Tractors, Mega and Semi-Trailers that allow us to transport a vast range of goods including full truck loads (FTL) and less than a truck load (LTL) operating across a diverse range of industry sectors, including Automotive, Industrial Machinery and FMCG.

Our Line Haul experts facilitate and manage the pick-up, scheduling and dispatching of every load of your shipment, from a single pallet shipment to a full truckload, ensuring cost-effective, timely deliveries at all times.

Our vehicles can carry complete loads from 1 to 115 cubic meters volume and 5 vehicles are equipped to handle and transport dangerous goods (A.D.R).
In addition, our company has also access to a network of managed sub-contractors and specialist partners to provide options that fall outside of our own fleet.

PETRAKIS Transport & Logistics has many years of experience and is specializing in serving companies that require Same-Day Delivery across Attica and Thessaloniki prefectures.We have the flexibility, resources, and expertise to coordinate shipments every day providing dedicated vehicles & drivers. Our Same-Day Delivery services are tailored entirely to meet your needs, whether it is a one-off consignment or daily scheduled services across multiple routes in Attica and Thessaloniki prefectures.All services are handled by experienced drivers, trained in specific sector requirements to ensure standard operating procedures are maintained when delivering your urgent consignments. We use integrated technology that provides online booking and real time track and trace technology, meaning progress of your urgent consignment can be monitored during its journey. Our drivers use mobile app technology to capture status updates of each consignment and return proof of delivery upon completion.


Our long-term expertise makes our company the first choice for clients seeking flexible and tailor-made solutions to their Next-Day daily scheduled distribution in Attica prefecture. With daily pick-up (late in the afternoon) from clients’ warehouse, consolidation of goods in our hub in Elefsina, we guarantee that, all consignments are delivered to their destination throughout the whole prefecture not later than 10.30 a.m. next day.

Mainland & Islands

Operating our (Northern Greece), alongside selected subcontractors (All Other Regions), we have total flexibility to meet ever-changing market requirements.
Northern Greece Our overland transport solutions for Northern Greece are relied exclusively on our own fleet of vehicles and the in-depth expertise and knowledge. Via our hub in Elefsina (Attica), we operate daily road line-hauls, to our own Hubs in Northern Greece. With our trucks departing from Elefsina Hub at 20.30, we operate direct-lines to Kalochori Hub before 05.30 a.m. and in Kavala Hub before 06.30 a.m., to ensure a timely connection with our local networks in Central & East Macedonia and Thrace Regions.
Other Regions In order to provide a comprehensive transport service for our clients, our own fleet of vehicles is complemented by a strong fleet of contract haulage partners throughout Greece. These close working partnerships ensure long-term product-volume security, throughout the whole supply-chain. Our strategic partnerships in all other regions allow us to cover consignment sizes from a single case to full loads. On a daily basis, PETRAKIS Transport & Logistics covers 49 major destinations throughout Greece and offers flexible freight services customized to meet the needs of any part-load and full-load shipment. Our services guarantee that, any shipment is delivered within,

  • 18-hours (average pick-up in Athens at 15:00) in all major cities
  • 24-hours (average pick-up in Athens at 15:00) in small towns and rural areas

PETRAKIS Transport & Logistics provides comprehensive Express Delivery services in Attica and Thessaloniki prefectures operating on a 24/7/365 basis.
Our Express Delivery services are staffed by an experienced team. Our drivers have been trained in specific sector requirements to ensure that standard operating procedures are maintained when delivering your urgent consignments.
Whatever your requirements, Petrakis S.A. has the experience and the expertise not only to meet your demands but exceed your expectations for an urgent delivery.

Express Delivery Services for the Automotive Sector

Express Delivery in the Automotive Sector requires fast and flexible solutions that are able to respond urgently to support to help them keep vehicles on the road.Our company provides an Express Delivery Service specially designed for the Automotive sector that supports Dealership Workshops and other related businesses based in Attica and Thessaloniki Prefectures. Car and Commercial Vehicle companies and their dealerships rely on our services to support their needs that requires an urgent Delivery.


One of the key reasons that we continuously deliver a high-quality service level in the market is the pool of experienced and highly-skilled drivers who display focus and determination every working day and they are dedicated to maintaining our customer-focused culture. This is the reason that our drivers are considered as one of our most important assets, which is why we invest on every one of them.
PETRAKIS Transport & Logistics provides rigorous training and development programs in order to ensure that our drivers are always well prepared to operate the vehicles they drive and manage the loads they carry.
In July 2018, PETRAKIS Transport & Logistics received an accreditation for ISO 39001, a standard that provides companies with a framework and practical guidelines to address road safety risks in a structured and integrated manner. Our drivers cover thousands of kilometres a year; thus, the ISO 39001 certification recognises our constant dedication to road safety, which we have been practicing in all our activities for many years and represents an unwavering commitment of our company to protect its drivers against accidents.


Transport is the core of our company. We take pride in the quality of our fleet to ensure our drivers’ safety as well the security expected by our Clients. Our goal is to develop streamlined solutions to meet your transport needs consistently and with the highest level of quality and service.
PETRAKIS Transport & Logistics continually invests in the latest trucks, vans and equipment to provide safe, reliable transport solutions. Our fleet is constantly updated with the latest types of vehicles and trailers and compliant to European environmental regulations (65% of our vehicles are compliant with EURO V and EURO VI emission standards); thus, we make sure that your goods are being delivered in the most efficient, reliable and eco-friendly way. All vehicles are equipped with hydraulic tailgate (trucks 7,5 tonnes and above), anti-theft alarm system and fleet-board telematic services (satellite & GPS tracking) to provide real time tracking and monitoring. Moreover, all vehicles use automatic alert systems which provide information on traffic jams, so that alternative routes can be planned well in time to make sure that your loads arrive at their destination on time.
PETRAKIS Transport & Logistics has an extensive own fleet of 35 well-maintained vehicles, ranging from 44 tonnes Articulated Trucks, 7,5 tonnes Rigid Trucks to Long and Short base Vans.

Fleet of Vehicles

2Tractor Trailers with 35 tons payload (19 pallets) and raise-lower mechanism
23Box Body Trucks with 7,5 tons payload (12 pallets) with tail lift
8Long Wheel base Vans with 3 tons payload (4 pallets)
2Short Wheel base Vans with 2 tons payload (4 pallets)

Our vehicles can carry complete loads from 1 to 115 cubic meters volume and 5 vehicles are equipped to handle and transport dangerous goods (A.D.R).
In addition, our company has also access to a network of managed sub-contractors and specialist partners to provide options that fall outside of our own fleet.