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Electronic proof of delivery (E-PoD)


We are seeking new ways to ensure and enhance the quality of each delivery and the overall customer service.

The electronic proof of delivery solution helps increase our company’s efficiency through real-time visibility of driver and package location, elimination of time consuming paperwork, improvement in shipment accuracy and reduced time in billing cycles.

Our Electronic Proof of Delivery (E-PoD) app includes a signature that allows our team to manage deliveries in the best ways for our business. With it, we can add items, edit quantities, capture photos, add GPS locations, and capture signatures at the point of handoff and more, all with the tools and devices we carry with us everywhere we do business.

Our business stays secure and drivers have an easy tool to ensure the client checks off on everything — including the ability to adjust quantities as needed.

In addition, there are many benefits that an electronic proof of delivery solution provides including the following:

  • Increase Customer Service.
  • Real-time visibility.
  • Greater accuracy and productivity.
  • Guided Workflow.
  • Better Data Capture.
  • Go Green.