Georgiou Kouvidi 31, Elefsina, P.C. 192 00

New Logo and Corporate Identity

Petrakis Transport and Logistics modernizes its corporate identity and launches its new logo.

Our business and professional profile has developed and evolved over the last decades and so we decided that now was the right time for a change in order to evaluate the identity of our company logo to ensure that it was synchronized with who we are and where we target.

After a thorough research we concluded that, the evolution of our name, rather than its overall change, was the appropriate strategic move for us.

We are therefore proud to announce the implementation of the new logo and the new corporate identity of PETRAKIS Transport and logistics as part of the ongoing development of our brand.

Changing a logo includes several steps and requires specific time to complete. Our goal for the next few weeks is to redesign, the outside of our vehicles, the professional attire of our drivers and the application of the new corporate identity to all the printed material of the company.

On January 2019, the brand new and streamlined website of our company will be posted in the Internet, reflecting our substantially expanded role as a leading Greek company in road transport.